Play fun, arcade-style games to collect more Solana!

Reward: 0.0025 SOL

In-Game Total "Stakes": 2.145M "Stakes"

Average "Stakes" Per 5 Minutes: 398 "Stakes"

Active "Delegators": 154

Today's Double Game: Casual Games

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By playing the games below, you can earn in-game "stakes", which will be used to "stake" Solana. The "stakes" expire after 7 days to ensure that only active players receive rewards. The "Today's Double Game" pays out double the "stakes" and changes every day. The total reward and reward estimates are listed above and are calculated based on the percentage of total "stakes" you hold. The reward will be included when you claim from the faucet after the payout unlock time listed above. You must claim from the faucet to receive a reward from the games. Specific instructions are listed on each game page.

Casual Games pays twice as many "stakes" today (until your payout unlock time listed above).

Arcade Games

Casual Games